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One Last Attempt

Thu Feb 25, 2010, 8:19 PM
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I shouldn't do this, I know I'm just beating a dead horse at this rate but it's on my mind so I'll do it, whether you guys like it or not. I'm going to try one last time to clear up the avagadro's number of misconceptions surrounding my decision to leave. I was obviously upset at the time and while many of you took that as though I made an emotionally based it decision, it was more like I made an emotional explanation that was full of holes and bits of miscommunication. So here's an attempt to clarify some things I've seen people saying that just aren't true.

The-Blood-Spill account was hacked! That wasn't Arleamaris!!! You shouldn't leave because of that!
You think I'd leave because of some hilarious attempt at a troll? XD I've been on the internet long enough to have had my fair share of pathetic haters and trust me, they only serve to amuse me. Even when the account was up and people were freaking out about it, I corrected every single one of my watchers, explaining how the person was just trying to get under my skin and telling them not to blame, target or spam Arleamaris in response to the activities on that account. The troll/hacker had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to leave.

Arleamaris was only inspired by your art! You can't own a pose! It's not like she was trying to sell your work, it's just a bit of art theft!
The fact that Arleamaris was strongly influenced by my work to the point of very very questionable art theft, which I ultimately decided to pursue, also had very little to do with my leaving. Yes, we did have a bit of an altercation there in her dev comments and yes, I agree, that I probably reacted a bit too strongly in a situation that was probably more subjective than I realized. Though it's probably impossible to find at this point, I apologized to her directly in a comment on her main page, stating that I never intended to be so forward or to cause such a public stir. And I stand by that thought. I agree that I was probably a little out of line in my presentation of the theft and, once I took the time to make the overlays, I realized how foolish I'd been and I did apologize.

Arleamaris is just one art thief! Don't let this one person scare you away!
Though I made it sound so in my original journal, written when I was a little upset by the situation as I'm sure you can understand, Arleamaris is not the sole/single/only reason for my decision to leave deviantart. It was more like she was the final straw that broke the camel's back, if you've ever heard that saying. The frequency of art theft I've experienced has been increasing at an absolutely ridiculous rate since just about the middle of last year and seemed to reach an intolerable point in November. I was literally forced to page through my activity messages and search the galleries of every new watcher I had to be sure none of them were thieves... because, half of the time, they were. I've collected so many proofs, overlays, and screenshots of thefts and theft related arguements that I had to make a category for it in my harddrive. I even went through and counted: 32 separate cases of art theft, not including those found off of DA and not including people who were "inspired" by me but gave me credit or were otherwise accepted/allowed by me. I'm talking 32 reported cases of DA art theft since the end of November. That's a little less than 10 cases of theft a month, which is just about 2 or 3 new cases every week. Forgive me for finding that a little insane. The Arleamaris case was just the one that made me come to realize how ridiculous this theft was becoming.

But she apologized!!!
I am aware. But again, since Arleamaris was not the sole cause of my decision to depart from this website, it's not going to get me to return. Especially because apologies are so superficial, particularly in this case. "I'm Sorry" does not change the fact that I have now been made aware that there are people on this site that are not only willing to copy the very words that flow from my fingers, which translate to the very thoughts I have in my head, but also feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There just is no possible way for me to feel comfortable being here knowing that everything I have may very well be taken. She copied my journal, for heaven's sake. Isn't that what a journal is for: the expression of personal thoughts and matters and such? If I can't feel secure there, where I can I feel secure? What can I even do here? I can't draw, I can't write, I can't even copyright my artwork without even that being taken. I mean, this goes far beyond the simple actions of Arleamaris. Think for a minute what they mean for me as an artist.

But it's just art theft! blah blah blah art theft!
Let me try and make this a little clearer: I was not terribly upset by Arleamaris' art. Although in our comment battle, I accidentally made it sound that way. That is only because I allowed her friends to draw me into a trivial debate about technicalities in the copyrighting of poses and stuff. I let them distract me from my main point, which was the stolen text and sentences, which when combined withe the familiar pose and aspects of her style, came together to indicate that she was obviously inspired by me in some way. I felt like I had played a role in the creation of her artwork, a major role at that, and was not getting due credit. Which I felt was a justified assumption on my part. However, I did let it go too far, considering how minor an event it was. I'm not usually one to demand the removal of artwork over a mere crediting/inspiration issue and that was an error on my part that I take full responsibility for. But, that being said, she did take and continues to use aspects of my method of doing certain things and, while this may not be a legal issue in most cases, it is a prevalent issue in terms of security and happiness on my part. I just can't feel comfortable in a place where everything I do is scrutinized and, in most cases, ultimately taken for use by other people. It just bothers me, as I'm sure it would bother any of you.

But art theft is like the ultimate compliment! You should be happy people like your art enough to want to copy/use/be inspired by it!
I've also had my gameboy stolen out of my house by one of my brother's friends. Should I be grateful for that too? At least that means my gameboy was cool, right? Honestly, I don't really understand that logic. I understand people's desire to mimic artists that they like, but think for a second what that means to the artist in question. Maybe this sounds like I'm being self-centered but it seems like no one takes a moment to consider what it's like to be on the receiving end of all of this negative attention. It's just not fun. It really isn't. And as much as you guys might like to think I'm the best artist ever, I'm not, and I'm nowhere near where I want to be. I am not at a point of security in my style or the way that I do things, and theft of my methods is only discouraging. As much as I try to be optimistic and lenient about it, I cannot deny its negative impact on my mood, my focus and my ability to perform in school. It's not flattering, it's not amusing (well sometimes it is), it's hurtful, it's painful, it's a bummer. Like a dark cloud that hangs over, all it does is destroy an artists desire to produce artwork. My work is my message, my voice, a portal to my thoughts and my own world where I am happy. I can't let ignorant children take that away from me and call it their own. I just can't do it. Maybe I have problems, maybe I need to see a shrink, who knows. The point is, art theft is not an ignorable, enjoyable thing for me no matter how many times I try to push it aside. Leaving is literally all I can do to keep from going insane.

This is the internet, there will always be art theft!
Been every place on the internet, have you? I've posted my artwork various places over the course of my career here on DA. In fact, some things I've ONLY posted elsewhere. These were mostly role-play related pieces but the fact of the matter is: they are on the internet... and they were never stolen. At the same time, yes, I have had other things stolen from me: character bios, a banner from one of my forums, etc. There is some truth to that claim. But then, wouldn't taking my artwork off the internet be the sensible thing to do? If it's not on the internet, it cannot be stolen. At least not as easily as the click of a mouse button and the typing of a file name. My decision has been made. I have no control here on Deviantart, and, what's worse, it is a target buffet for most art thieves. Nobody goes searching Proboards or... idk Cafepress, looking for artwork to steal. They go to deviantart, many are even members, as all they want is to be as popular as they can be as quickly as they can be. I am simply taking my work off the menu. Please understand that.

Hopefully that will stem the flow of repetitive questioning and incessant badgering about how retarded or dramatic I am being for leaving. If not... well then there's nothing more I can do.

Will you continue work on your comic?
Yes probably. I make no real promises, as I personally have minimal attachment to Enigma as a story. However, you guys were quite adamant about seeing it turned into a comic and I will admit that my Sharp-related art theft is probably the least of my concerns. Annoying yes, but not personally disheartening.

What about commissions and art trades?
I'm going to have to close them, I'm sorry. Since I am not going to frequent this site anymore, I'm not likely to ever complete them.

What about contest prizes?
Since I've already begun filling out the contest prizes, and I am really grateful to everyone who entered, I will be completing those once I am able to draw again.

What about DDC?
DDC is a multi-person project so, as of right now, it shall continue as normal. Since I am unlikely to leave Deviantart completely (it is an invaluable source of inspiration and reference material), I don't see why it would have to close down.

Wait you're not leaving completely?
I'm leaving as completely as is logically possible. I'll be dead to you guys no doubt, since I won't post any artwork and likely won't comment much anymore. I'm so tired of the endless comments (I am not social enough to tolerate all that). But again, references are amazing and I do like to laugh at sparkledogs in my spare time so I'll still be here... but very very rarely.

Where can we view your art?
As of right now, nowhere. I likely won't tell you guys where either. Everything I say here publicly is going straight to my art thieves. You'll just have to live without all of the stupid dog paintings. Unless you're one of my buddies, then I'll send you some links and stuff once I have them.

I had more questions to answer but... I'm very tired.
I'll likely be leaving you all alone from this point on. I'm really tired of this website but everyone seemed really confused so, I thought I'd clarify some things. Not like any of those bad mouthers are going to read it but, at least now it's ignorance on their part and not mine.

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